In my experience, the best clients are often referred by existing clients or business associates. If you believe an associate or friend could potentially benefit from some business or lifestyle support, please submit details below.

As a token of appreciation, I reward Onit! Communications referrals*
with a £25 John Lewis gift-card.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule
to make a recommendation.

Best wishes,

*Terms and conditions apply: see for details.
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Suggested Referral | First Name *

Suggested Referral | Surname *

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Where applicable
I am happy to be added to the Onit! Communications mailing list, to hear about specific promotions and/or relevant news, first. *

Thank you for taking the time to make a referral, it is very much appreciated.

Where your referral results in new business (to the minimum value of £250*), you'll receive a £25 GBP gift card, as a token of appreciation. See full terms and conditions here:

To receive your gift card, please include an address (with full postcode). Feel free to add any other comments you may have.

Best wishes,


Sidel Stewart
Possibility Ambassador (PA), Business & Lifestyle Manager
Onit! So you can get on with it! *

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